On the following pages you will find a series of descriptive terms commonly used to characterize people in general. Some of these terms are positive in connotation, others are negative, and some are neither very positive nor very negative.

We would like you to use this list to tell us what you think a successful middle manager is like. In making your judgements, it may be helpful to imagine that you are about to meet a person for the first time and the only thing you know in advance is that the person is a successful middle manager. Please rate each word or phrase in terms of how characteristic it is of a successful middle manager.

The ratings are to be made according to the following scale:

    1 - Not characteristic of a successful middle manager
    2 - Somewhat uncharacteristic of a successful middle manager
    3 - Neither characteristic nor uncharacteristic of a successful middle manager
    4 - Somewhat characteristic of a successful middle manager
    5 - Characteristic of a successful middle manager

01) Curious

02) Consistent

03) High need for power

04) Sympathetic

05) Fearful

06) Adventurous

07) Leadership ability

08) Values pleasant surroundings

09) Neat

10) Uncertain

11) Creative

12) Desire to avoid controversy

13) Submissive

14) Frank

15) Courteous

16) Emotionally stable

17) Devious

18) Interested in own appearance

19) Independent

20) Desire for leadership

21) Frivolous

22) Intelligent

23) Persistent

24) Vigorous

25) Timid

26) Sophisticated

27) Talkative

28) Strong need for security

29) Forceful

30) Analytical ability

31) Competitive

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